Week 1 in Chicago

On September 2nd I flew to Chicago. This is my first visit to the United States since I was a child so it’s a big deal for me. 

So far I’ve spent an incredible week seeing the sights in the Windy City* and I’ve got another week left before leaving for Route 66. 

The best thing about Chicago is definitely the multitude of things to do and see, which are often free. The views you can get of the lake are incredible, especially if you wake up early, and walking up the west side of Lake Michigan offers a wide variety of beaches and parks. 

Millennium Park is one of my favourite places to visit. Inside the park are various art attractions (The ‘Bean’ is a tourist favourite). The stage also hosts events some evenings, and these are free if you don’t mind sitting on the grass further back. I managed to see Jazz and Opera and had an incredible evening. Bringing a blanket and some food is a must. 

Of course not everything is free – this is America after all – but places like the Art Institute and the boat tours are definitely worth the $20-25 they charge. Some places are like the Zoo and Lincoln Park Conservatory are free (surprisingly) and easy to walk through uninterrupted. 

Taking the ‘L’ (the subway) is easy and not too costly, and it can take you around the city pretty easily. The views you get from the elevated track are also pretty special. 

Overall I’d recommend the lake, the riverside in the city, and the subway for visitors to Chicago. These provide the best views and opportunities to go to/see the best sights. 

Make sure to check out my Week 2 post and everything I’ll be posting while travelling in the coming weeks. 

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