My go-to stretch routine (under 4 mins)

After a hard gym workout it’s tempting just to leave without doing stretches. You don’t feel any pain now so surely you’ll be fine tomorrow? We both know that’s not true. If you don’t stretch now you’ll regret it tomorrow.

Here’s my stretch routine that covers all the main muscles – it takes less than 4 minutes and will lessen tomorrow’s pain greatly.



Hold one leg behind you (hold your laces) for 10 secs. Try to do it without support. Repeat with the other leg.


Keep one leg straight and extend it in front of you. Keep other leg slightly bent but vertical. Extend foot so leg stretches. Do each leg for 10 secs.


Keep one arm straight and swing to opposite side. Hook other arm around and up so fist is next to face. Hold for 5 secs then swap arms.


Clasp hands behind your back and extend arms for 5 secs.

Whole body:

Put hands on a wall and do a low lunge with your head down. Stretch out the arms, legs and back for 10 secs.

Repeat routine if necessary. Every stretch should be felt. More specialised stretches can be done if you’ve worked an oblique (not common) muscle group (such as pecs or forearm).

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