Top 4 Tips for Eating Healthily

I used to eat pretty unhealthily. It’s something that we can all fall into really easily. We live busy lifestyles and don’t always have time to cook a healthy meal, so instead we skip meals and snack on fatty foods.

In this post I will give you my best 4 methods for staying healthy. They are pretty simple to  follow once you get into good habits and will see you become a healthier and happier person.


Tip 1: Plan your weekly meals before you grocery shop

Write down what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for a week. Also include what snacks you’ll need for the day. Focus on what meals you like that are healthy, ¬†but aren’t too complicated. Think about what could make your meals healthy – include plenty of vegetables as well as good carbs (such as rice or wholegrain pasta) and protein. Even if you’re vegetarian/vegan you can still include lentils, beans and other ‘pulses’ to keep up your protein intake.

By buying all the food you need for the week, you’ll be less tempted to order a take-away for dinner or buy lunch during the day.


Tip 2: Make too much food

When making dinner, always make an extra portion to have for lunch or dinner the next day. Not only will this give you no excuse to buy an unhealthy lunch, it will be a nice change from a sandwich. This won’t work for some foods (such as aromatic curries) but is handy if you had rice and chicken for dinner.

If you don’t want to take a spaghetti bolognese to work the next day, put some of the plain pasta aside before you mix in the sauce, then make a less messy dish for lunch tomorrow (for example by adding pesto).

If you feel really proactive, you can make a few meals during the weekend and keep them in the fridge/freezer for later. I sometimes cook several portions of 3 or 4 meals and store them in the freezer to have later in the month.

Keeping homemade meals in the fridge is a fantastic way to eat good food consistently. If you get home late or just don’t feel like cooking, you can put the ready-made meal in the oven or microwave to warm up in less than half an hour.


Tip 3: Snack healthily

I never eat biscuits. The last time I had a biscuit was October 2016. It’s only a small thing but it’s something to be proud of. Instead of snacking on biscuits with my cups of tea, I eat homemade healthy protein flapjacks (recipe here) or sliced apple (I cut up two every morning). I also have plenty of bananas in the fruit bowl and keep the fridge stocked with healthy snack options.

We all get hungry between meal and some experts say it is healthier to eat smaller meals regularly, instead of 3 big meals. By making sure you have plenty of healthy alternatives to chocolate bars or cakes you can prevent yourself from guiltily snacking.

For a list of healthy snacks click here. (coming soon)


Tip 4: Make good habits

Try eating really healthily for a week, implementing the first 3 tips. Plan your weekly meals, make some in advance and only snack on healthy foods.

Set some targets for yourself. Eat an orange with breakfast every day for a week, make Monday to Wednesday’s meals at the weekend, don’t eat chocolate for a fortnight.

Setting little goals can lead to good habits when you realise it’s not that hard to eat one fruit with breakfast a day (maybe try two?), and it’s actually pretty easy to avoid chocolate when you try.

You’ll find yourself feeling happier and more energetic as you steer away from fatty take-aways, unhealthy snacks and missed lunches. Don’t take on too much in the beginning though – you don’t have to make 5 lunches and 5 dinners every weekend.


If you want more information on staying fit and healthy, try the 10MinuteGuide CDEF Plan. This was created by me as a way to get fitter and healthier whilst not getting in the way of living your life. The free PDF covers the four sections I have found to be the most important when trying to get fitter. This guide is suitable for everyone – young or old, skinny or overweight, fit or unfit. Give it a read and see what you think.

FREE PDF – 10MinuteGuide CDEF Plan (coming soon)

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